City Lockers

City Lockers Enjoy the city without the hassle of bringing your luggage along with you. The experience is 100% automatic! Simply download City Lockers app, create your account, and drop-off your luggage. City Lockers is open every day 24 hours, and you can reserve your locker for a few minutes and for as long as [...]

Car Sharing


Car Sharing You can now rent a car without any hassle! Download the app register an account get validated and then you can rent a car from a station and return the car in any of the stations. Get information about the stations and car availabilty in real time.

Bike Sharing


Bike Sharing Easybike system includes bicycles with electronic locks and bike sharing software. After downloading the application and sign up at your area, you simply unlock a bike via Bluetooth or by scanning the QR code on the bike. The bike unlocks and you start your ride. Upon return, you simply complete the rental on [...]

Pirgon Quarry 360o VR Tour

Welcome to Pirgon Quarry!   Our privately owned Pirgon Quarry (Birros Hellenic Marble SA) is one of the largest white marble quarries in Europe. It is located in the prefecture of Drama in northern Greece, close to Pirgi village. Extraction activities began in 2003. It covers an area of 348 acres and its annual [...]

Levanger Bysykkel


Levanger Bysykkel Levanger's system is a bike sharing service, which is a self-service service, on available public bicycles for short-term use over a small price. The bicycles are suited for public use from a point (starting point) to another point (destination). The system can serve people who can subscribe and have a special application in [...]